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01803 200 212 | info@mypodiatrist.co.uk

Podiatry Treatments

General Care treatment

Whether you are jetting off on holiday or just preparing for the great British summer, scruffy toenails and dry, cracked heels just won’t do. Achieving soft feet that are beach-ready is easy with a little help from our specialist podiatrists.  

What can I expect?

Our customised General Care treatments begin with a detailed consultation to identify your main problem areas. Your treatment is specifically tailored to you, to include nailcare, painless removal of hard skin, callous and corns where necessary. Feet are then buffed using small sandpaper discs to leave skin silky smooth, followed by the application of treatment-specific foot creams. This treatment will also address conditions including fungal infections on nails and skin, cracked heels, corns and ingrowing toenails. To maintain foot health we recommend a treatment once every 6 weeks.

Is it like a pedicure?

We often hear patients remark that they wished they’d known earlier there was a more efficient way of removing hard skin and callouses, as pedicures can be rather superficial and often leave people disappointed. Our painless method of removing hard skin means that our podiatry treatments last much longer than a pedicure. Feet will look and feel amazing for weeks.

Home Visits

We understand that sometimes mobility is an issue, so for those patients that are unable to come and join us at the clinic for whatever reason, we are able to treat you in your own home. The same care for your feet, without the hassle of having to get to us. We also have a large number of residential homes under our care, and can offer a significant discount on our normal domiciliary care prices for multiple bookings.  

Nail Surgery

Ingrowing toenails can be very painful and whilst early treatment can often rectify the problem, if the toe has become infected then a minor surgical procedure may be required. Performed under local anesthetic, the procedure costs from £300, which includes up to 3 follow-up redressing appointments.

Verruca Care

Verrucas are common lesions on the foot that are caused by a virus and as such are difficult to treat effectively. We offer a range of treatments for stubborn verrucas, including the application of acids and needling therapy. We are also pleased to offer brand new technology SWIFT. Brand new on the market, this quick and effective treatment has many advantages over traditional verruca treatments. To read more about SWIFT please click here.