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01803 200 212 | info@mypodiatrist.co.uk

MSK Examination

Musculoskeletal examination

A biomechanical examination is beneficial if you are experiencing pain in your feet or lower limbs, but no cause has been established. It is well recognised that abnormal stance and gait can be the cause of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions involving the feet, knees, hips and lower back. Here at MyPodiatrist we will do our very best to keep you active and pain free. We can fully assess your foot and lower limb biomechanics during gait and identify patterns of function that might be a cause of pain. A treatment plan will be formulated which may include footwear guidance, sports and kinesiology taping, use of therapeutic ultrasound and other modalities, and the prescription of stretching and strengthening exercises and orthotics if required. We can also refer you to the appropriate specialist if necessary, to provide the quickest journey back to mobility.  From heel pain to knee problems, we’ll get you back on track.


If your podiatrist decides that your mechanics may be contributing to your pain, insoles or orthotics may be prescribed to enable more normal lower extremity function and decrease the pathological loading on the injured tissues. We are able to prescribe off-the-shelf insoles, or cast feet in preparation for the prescription of fully custom-made orthotics. We use the UK’s leading laboratory to manufacture your devices,  and as a result they are of the highest quality and fit.


We are able to offer therapeutic ultrasound as part of your treatment plan. Ultrasound has been used safely and successfully since the 1950’s to treat a host of musculoskeletal disorders, by helping to reduce pain and speed up recovery time. It aids in the breakdown of scar tissue, reduces inflammation and swelling, and increases blood flow to the injured area. The benefits of ultrasound are cumulative, so a course of treatments may be prescribed.